Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask

There is a new product launching by Glow Recipe which is essentially a sheet mask version of this product and I have never been more excited! Okay I will admit I purchased the watermelon mask on a whim, the only thing that I knew was that it was a mask and it was pink. I saw a lot of pictures on instagram with rave reviews so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I ordered the small size which was 22 dollars, not bad for such a hype product. So below are the three things the mask promises and how they deliver.


1. Uneven skin tone: I thought it would be more hydrating than it is because it said watermelon on the title and I pictured an instant dose of hydration, that however was not the case. What does it do? It does something better, it helps even out your skin tone. After leaving this mask on overnight I noticed an improvement in my skin tone after just one use.

2. Solution to dullness/texture: Once I patted on the product, my skin was instantly glowing and looked luscious but the product quickly dried or sank into my skin. The instant glow was nice but not as nice as waking up to brighter skin! I didn't have the usual redness on my cheeks and my skin looked awake/refreshed overall. I also saw an improvement in the texture on my cheeks which is always a problem area for me (combination dry skin). After continued use my skin was smoother overall and made applying makeup a breeze.

3. Oiliness: After using the Watermelon Mask I also noticed it kept my oiliness at bay and my skin was more balanced which is rare for someone with combination skin. I also stay away from heavy products so I can keep that balanced skin throughout the day.

So what's the verdict? I was so impressed with the product and results that I plan on adding the new Watermelon moisturizer for that boost of hydration that I am looking for. I also like the consistency of the product, it is a gel-like texture that feels really comfortable on the skin. The Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask also smells amazing and is gentle enough to use daily in my opinion. I have used the mask as an overnight mask and wash off mask, I prefer the overnight because I love waking up and seeing brighter skin, it works great as a wash off mask too but I just like leaving it on and letting it work its magic. I also cannot get enough of the cute packaging, I think it looks adorable on my counter and I don't mind that it comes in a glass container. The size of the mini is the perfect size if you are wanting to try it out without committing to the bigger price tag.

Have you tried this mask? Do you already own both the mask and moisturizer? Let me know down below!