Review: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

You have seen the reviews, the videos, the pictures but does the Jet Lag Mask live up to its reputation? Here are 5 reasons why it does:

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1. Reduces Puffiness: the first thing I noticed when I used this mask is the fact that my under eye puffiness was gone! I could not believe it, it's like drinking a big cup of coffee and looking instantly awake and refreshed. One of my top skincare concerns is my under eye bags and circles so I was so excited that this actually worked!

2. Dark circles less noticeable: Like I said above, I have dark circles, it's hereditary and they will not go away no matter what I do! I have tried everything and although I was really happy with my Olehenriksen Banana Eye Cream I still wanted an extra boost for those days where I am exhausted, tired and just not sleeping right. I noticed my under eye area was brighter, I really put this to the test when I used it after a sleepless night and I still saw noticeable results. Of course my dark circles didn't magically disappear but the fact that I saw brighter skin made me more confident in this product and my bare face!

3. Plumps Fine lines: I wish I had a before skincare picture, because I put off skincare for a few years, was not using anything on my face other than face wash and moisturizer. Ever since I decided to get on this journey I have seen great improvement in everything including fine lines. After wearing this mask the first result I saw, before the 10 minutes were even up, was my fine lines looked plump. I was amazed, those little lines under the eyes that never seem to go away looked so much better! I also loved using the Jet Lag Mask under my makeup because I didn't have to use a ton of concealer and it went on much smoother than it would have otherwise.

4. Hydrated Skin: If you put this all over your face as an overnight mask, you wake up to supple and hydrated skin. It's like drinking a whole gallon of water and your skin thanking you for it. This mask is so hydrating, I can't get enough of it. The ingredients are gentle enough on my skin that I can use it everyday. I have combination dry skin and I was so happy to see a mask that wouldn't cause irritation to my dry cheeks.

5. Goes on clear: This mask goes on clear which is such a bonus if you are using this on the go, you don't have to worry about having a dried up mask in public. You can wipe it off with a tissue of simply leave it on for extra hydration.

The plus: This product is Vegan and Cruelty Free! Not only that but I believe the price is also reasonable for the amount of product and uses you can get out of it. Another bonus? The packaging is impeccable, no need to dip your fingers or some kind of spatula and make a mess simply squeeze out desired product and throw it back in your bag.