How to Switch to Clean Beauty for Beginners

I wanted to share my experience with switching out products, even though I’m only in the beginning stages I still feel like this could be helpful. When you make the decision to go Clean it can be incredibly overwhelming and it still feels that way for me sometimes. Irregardless, with some help, guidance and just taking it one step at a time you will get there. So here I share my tips and tricks that are helping me switch products out to Cruelty Free and Non Toxic products.

1. SWITCH PRODUCTS THAT YOU USE EVERYDAY/CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: If you are on a budget chances are you won’t be able to throw all your makeup, beauty and cleaning products out and start fresh (wouldn’t that be nice!) so think about 2 products that you use everyday and can’t leave the house without. For me, it was concealer and mascara and I was actually running low on those products anyway so it was the perfect time to switch them out. Even if you pick one product, don’t be discouraged, it will take time and patience.

2. SWAP OUT PRODUCTS YOU ARE RUNNING LOW ON: Once you start swapping out your daily essentials you might want to think of what you can tackle next. For me, it was products that I was running low on because let’s face it we spend a lot of money on personal care products. Unless you have a limitless budget you probably want to hang on to those expensive products and switch them out once you run out. This has actually been the hardest part for me because I’m ready to take on this new Clean, non-toxic way of living. So the next set of products that I was able to replace is my deodorant, I ran through all my deodorant before I committed to buying a different product. My next step will be my hair care, I’m running through all my shampoos and conditioners so soon I will be able to replace those.

3. DO YOUR RESEARCH FIND A PRODUCT THAT WORKS: We spend years trying out products to see what works for our skin, complexion, lifestyle, etc. so it’s no surprise that you should spend some time researching what Clean products you should switch to. Remember, just because it’s all natural, organic, vegan, non-toxic doesn’t mean that it will work for you. For example, deodorant is a tough one, everyone’s body chemistry is different and what works for one person might not work for you. The reason I chose The Native as my next deodorant is because I saw other people recommending it and I went through hundreds of positive reviews (btw they actually have thousands of positive reviews!).

4. YOU DID YOUR RESEARCH SWITCHED OUT YOUR PRODUCTS BUT IT DOESN’T WORK: This can be very discouraging, you are starting on a high, you want to be Clean but some of the products you chose didn’t live up to your expectations. If it’s a pricey item, find out the return policy, or get a sample first before you commit! Remember it’s your hard earned money and not all products will be a hit, find out what works for YOU. The only time I don’t worry if a product will work is if it’s something that I know I will have tons of. For example, I always have at least 10 different lip products, everything from lip balms to lipsticks and I go through phases of only lip balm or full on lipstick days. So buying a bunch of lip products and testing them out without knowing if they will work, doesn’t bother me (lip products also tend to be the cheapest thing you can replace!). Maybe you are a mascara fanatic, or you can't commit to just one cleanser, if you love testing out certain products and don't mind shelling out the money then try different brands, you never know what you can fall in love with. This is actually how I found my beloved cleanser by Indie Lee, I didn't know much about the brand but I didn't have a holy grail cleanser so trying it out without knowing if it would work for me didn't bother me at all (luckily it worked for me!)

So there you have it, a little insight into how I’m switching my products out. If you have any tips, tricks, advice or Clean products that you swear by leave it in the comment section!