3 Reasons You Don't Feel Driven

1. You hate your job/not in love with what you do.

Do you ever feel stuck or as if you are living day to day without purpose? That can happen when what you are doing is not motivating you in life, whether it's your job or day to day activities. Even though I am not working at my dream job, or I'm not exactly where I want to be in life, I am happy because I'm living with purpose. I love my coworkers, I'm doing good in school, and taking up hobbies that I enjoy: like this blog. The job you have may not be ideal but it's paying the bills and you can still find time to work on your side hussles! Your current job may even help you invest in you're future business. Don't lose sight of what's important, yes you are stuck at this job but this is only temporary, keep working hard and you will get there.

2. You have given up on your dreams.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are not possible or valid, anything is possible if you work hard! Keep working on your dream because everyday you will be closer, instead of wishing, act decisively. It is easy to dream but it is harder to act, so it could be that you still have those dreams floating around in your head but if you are not making any moves to fulfill them then you are losing out. You are not meeting your potential by sitting around and letting life pass you by, every day is an opportunity to go after what you deserve. For a long time, I gave up on school, thinking I simply didn't have the time but in reality I didn't have the DRIVE. Now I am more driven than ever and I'm going after my goals. My biggest goal is to be the first person from my family to graduate from college and I am well on my way!

3. You are not making time for yourself.

Sometimes we lose ourselves in the care of others, so much so, that we forget to make time for the little things that make us happy. Maybe you enjoy going to your favorite coffee shop every morning, or getting together with the girls every other weekend, a mani-pedi sesh with your bff, whatever it is: make time for it, book it on your calendar, set up reservations. When you plan ahead, it will be harder to break the date because you have already made time for it. You are your biggest critic, so it's only natural to need some down time, pamper yourself and then get right back to it!

So if you ever feel stuck, the best way to get out of it is to find your way back, find your way back to your dreams, goals and start living with purpose again.