My Invisalign/Braces Journey

On Instagram I shared that I recently got Invisalign and braces. In case you are looking into it or about to start your own journey I wanted to share my experience. First off, I didn’t think at 30 I would have braces again, even though I always wanted to fix my bite and smile. I was having a lot of problems with my underbite, causing sores because I would constantly bite myself, headaches and chewing issues. I thought I just had to live with it, but since my teeth have shifted a lot since middle school I decided I no longer wanted to live like this. I have also always been self conscious about my smile, even though I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, I just didn’t feel comfortable.

Here’s a (very unflattering) video of my reasons behind getting braces/background and you can also see how crocked my teeth are. You can also get to know me a little bit more! I’m rambling in this video but the braces talk starts at 1:33.

Okay that was the background, now the first thing I did knowing I wanted to get Invisalign or braces sometime in the next year is I signed up for a good Dental Plan through my job that would pay the max amount toward orthodontics. My insurance paid 2,000 toward the cost, and that was the most I saw out of all my options. Secondly, I started researching orthodontists in my area that were in network, had great reviews and offered Invisalign (in case I was a candidate, I also really didn’t want braces). I was planning on using the free consultation to meet with different orthodontists but ultimately went with my first choice because he was so great and really understood what I needed. I also thought the price was comparable to prices in my area so I knew I wasn’t overpaying for my treatment. Yes, I researched extensively before I made any decision. If I can recommend something, especially if you are an adult getting braces and paying for it yourself, it is to do your research! I watched countless YouTube videos, researched orthos and prices. I also recommend to save some money for a down payment and make sure your ortho offers a payment plan (most do). If you make a big down payment, you can lower your monthly cost and it will be good in the long run because you will have less of a financial burden. Lastly, I went in prepared to pay, so that my treatment could start as soon as possible. I also had a lot of dental work that needed to be done because I hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years (I know!). My ortho thankfully recommended me to a local dentist and I was able to get all my dental work done including extractions within a month, just in time to get my braces in and my Invisalign trays. As soon as I left the consultation I called the dentist and booked my first appointment. If you know you need to get wisdom teeth removed or dental work I recommend you get that out of the way or book as soon as possible because it can delay your treatment. I’m 30 so I was more than ready to get started (insert laughing emoji!).

Here’s a brief video where I talk about my treatment plan and invisalign/braces consultation

I just began my journey but I wanted to share how I got started, my recommendations and overall experience. I have only had my braces and Invisalign for less than a month but I plan on sharing more updates as I go along. If you have questions or have any tips let me know!